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Pow Wow Music


Murphy Cassa, Patsy Cassadore, Philip Cassadore, Riley & Endfield, Various Artists


Black Lodge Singers, Blackfeet Singers, Heart Butte Singers, Kicking Woman Singers, Little Corner Singers, Spotted Eagle Singers, Big Spring & Runner, Two Medicine Lake Singers, Young Grey Horse Society


A-1 Club Singers, Assiniboine Jr., Blackfoot Singers, Blackstone Singers, Calf Robe Singers, Cathedral Lakes, Chief Jimmy Bruneau School Drummers, Chiniki Lake, Crowfoot Drummers, Eden Valley Singers, Fly-in Eagle, Kai-Spai Singers, Little Boy Singers, Little Pine Singers, Northern Cree Singers, Pigeon Lake Singers, Red Bull Singers, Sarcee Broken Knife Singers, Stoney Park Singers, The Tootoosis Family, Thunder Mountain, Treaty 6 Ermine Skin Band, Two Nations Singers, Various Artists, Whitefish Bay Jr., Whitefish Bay Singers, Wood Brothers

Intertribal Collections

Bala Sinem Choir, Various Artists

Intertribal Pow Wow

Hopi Sunshield Singers, MGM Singers, Plains Indian Singers, Various Artists, White Eagle Singers


Eyabay Singers, Kingbird Singers, Mesquakie Bear Singers, The Chippewa Singers, Various Artists, White Thunder, Woodland Singers, Ponemah Singers


Bita Hochee Travellers, Bodoway Western Trail, Chinle Valley Boys, Chinle Valley Singers, Dennehotso Swinging Wranglers, Ed Lee Natay, Four Corners Singers, Four Corners Yei Be Chai, Jones Benally, Kay Bennett, Nanaba Midge, Rock Point Singers, Southwestern Singers, Sweethearts of Navajoland, Thunderbird Maiden Singers, Tsi Yi Tohi Singers, Various Artists

Northern Plains

Mandaree Singers, Mary Antiste, Parker Singers, Rocky Boy Haystack Ramblers, The Rocky Boys, Various Artists, Wind River Singers


Bad Canyon Wellpinit Singers, Chemawa Singers 1987, Chemawa Singers, Joe Washington, Selam & Hill, Treaty of 1855, Umatilla Tribal Singers, Various Artists, Yakima Nation Singers


Various Artists


Alfred Armstrong, Bill Denny, Jr., Barker & Butler, Daukei & Chester, Kaulaity & Cozad, Parker Singers, Primeaux & Mike, Various Artists, Van Horn, Barker, & Clark, Wildcat Peak, Wildcat Peak Youth


Ben Setima, Various Artist


Eagle Tail Singers, Fort Kipp Singers, Ironwood Singers, Pass Creak Singers, Porcupine Singers, Porcupine & Brotherhood Singers, Rock Creek Singers, Various Artists, William Horncloud

Southern Plains

Kaulaity & Kozad, Brave Scout Singers, Kiowa Dance Group Singers, Koomsa Tribal Singers, Ponca Indian Singers, Various Artists


Various Artists


Molina & Valencia, Various Artists
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